The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, recently hosted a field-trip of penguins.

The three adorable Penguins, Bubbles, Maggie and Berkley, went to see visit the museum and cast an eye on some remarkable artworks.

“Quarantine has caused everyone to go a little stir-crazy, even the residents of the Kansas City Zoo,” the caption of the YouTube video read. “So several of the penguins decided to go on a field trip to the Nelson-Atkins, which is still closed, to get a little culture.”

Bubbles, Maggie, and Berkley are known as Humboldt penguins and are native to the desert coast of Chile and Peru.
Julián Zugazagoitia,  the executive director and CEO of the museum, said that the birds loved the art, and  seemed to “really appreciate it” when he spoke Spanish.

According to the museum, “They seemed to react much better to Caravaggio than Monet,”, and behaved in pretty much the same behavior as humans. Seemingly their attention span to artworks are also mostly just limited to seconds.

Youtube-video: courtesy of  the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art  and Kansas City Zoo